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A personalised digital world map that allows you to discover the impact and returns of your wealth. Dive in and assess in real-time how sustainable, future-fit and profitable your investments are. Globalance inspires, accompanies and enables investors to successfully invest in future-oriented companies and investments that solve global challenges and shape a positive future.

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Explore the impact of your portfolio on the world. Study its climate warming potential, footprint, megatrend-exposure and returns.


Create portfolios yourself. Save and compare them against benchmarks and other portfolios.

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Explore the assets in a portfolio one by one and compare portfolios to each other or to market indices.

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With our Insights, we show what the developments in the world mean for your assets and vice versa.

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Search among over 10,000 assets and see how they score on warming potential, footprint, megatrends or financially.

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