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The Globalance Footprint® shows you the impacts of these assets around the world - individually and at a glance. Our framework is simple and objective. Using nine themes, we assess your contribution to sustainable foundations for economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources.

This portfolio is not contributing to Education & Knowledge

What's at stake

An effective education system at all levels represents a key element of a sustainable society. That includes basic education for the entire populace, modern means of imparting know-how, and training for all age categories. Information technologies empower market participants and enable the implementation of new business models. At an ever-increasing pace, modern communication systems and the Internet are becoming the key to obtaining information and education.

Education & Knowledge Scores of your Assets

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Why does it matter

Global Challenges

  • Loss of economic opportunity due to the exclusion from a knowledge-based economy

  • The weakening of democratic forces through a lack of transparency in politics and business dealings

  • Antiquated communication infrastructure; disadvantages as a result of insufficient access to information and global markets

  • Access to information and global markets; over-indebtedness of consumers due to unsuitable pricing models or lack of knowledge

  • Increasing economic costs as a result of environmental pollution and the effects of climate change

  • Stagnating illiteracy rates.

Global Goals

  • The improved quality of communication services (mobile telephony and Internet

  • Development of underserviced markets (geographic, demographic, economic)

  • Empowerment of the civilian population through transparency in politics and business

  • Skills in the application of new technologies

  • Access to markets throughout the world

  • The engendering of knowledge-based professions, regardless geographic location

  • New business models in the fields of schooling and training.

Relevance for Investors

The internet and digitalization have fundamentally transformed information accessibility. This development has great implications for education and generating knowledge across the world. Providing ICT services can be a very profitable business with huge economic potential. This has been proven time and again by the rise of ICT and internet giants. At the same time a phrase popularized by Stan Lee applies here: with great power comes great responsibility. While providing access to information and knowledge is of huge value, data protection (privacy) and security issues are often cause of concern and debate. The same is true for hardware-manufacturing where material input and labour standards have been known issues in the past. ICT companies addressing these issues actively are less likely to face legal issues and customer distrust in the long-term.

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