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How digitalized can education be?

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Digital learning in educational institutions has increased significantly since the Corona pandemic. Although studies show that too much technology in the classroom can be detrimental to learning success, digital tools in the classroom are a must for the upcoming generations.

Young generations must learn to think critically and creatively

What is it about

Disruption inevitably leads to the further development of existing standards and models. During the Corona crisis, educational institutions (among many other sectors) were particularly challenged. Practically overnight, schools had to offer lessons digitally. Teachers who had previously resisted the use of digital tools in class were forced to at least try it out.

Thanks to software such as Microsoft Teams, Google Scholar or Zoom, teaching - at least in the higher education levels - was completely digital. The educational consequences, positive or negative, cannot yet be assessed. However, empirical research already shows that it is not the technology that is decisive for pedagogical success, but the teacher who interacts with the learners.

Why is it important

So why continue to use digital tools when personal exchange seems more important? The promotion of digital skills is a central aspect that speaks for digital teaching. On the one hand, this means preparing learners for the world of work ahead, but it also means understanding digital tools.

Society increasingly needs a sound understanding of technology in order to understand how algorithms work and how software programs are constructed. At the same time, growing generations must learn to continue to think critically and creatively despite the constant stream of computer screens.

The Globalance View

Companies such as Microsoft or Alphabet have been pushing into the education sector for some time now and equipping schools with their products. The Corona pandemic has shown that these tools can be useful and valuable for teaching in an appropriate setting. If the framework conditions are right, digital learning tools can enrich traditional teaching and enable more efficient learning.

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