About Globalance World

What is Globalance World?

Globalance World is a digital world map for investors who can use it to assess the future viability and sustainability of their investments. It helps the user to better understand the complex relationships of financial investments and their impact by means of interactive infographics.

Globalance World is an independent resource and bears testimony to Globalance’s unparalleled transparency and capacity to innovate.

Who is behind Globalance World?

Globalance World has been developed by Globalance Bank, a Swiss wealth management boutique widely recognized as pioneer for sustainable and future-fit investments in all asset classes – pure play.

We inspire, accompany, and enable individuals, families and foundations to successfully invest in future- oriented companies and other investments that help solve global challenges and shape a positive future.

How to use Globalance World

The user has access to thousands of companies and their impact on the economy, society, and the environment. There is always something new to discover and more investment opportunities are constantly being added.

Basic functions such as the analysis of known companies are free of charge, but registered users can have their own portfolio analyzed.

Globalance World helps the user to better understand the complex interrelationships of investments and their effects.

We enable transparency in a breadth and depth never achieved. In this way, we also account for how our investment principles of sustainability and future-viability are implemented in our strategies.

With Globalance World we prove that engaging with one's own wealth can be exciting, instructive, and satisfying.

The languages Globalance World is available in

Users can select German or English in the menu or at the bottom of any page.

Globalance World helps to bring about positive financial returns

Globalance World helps investors to make better long-term decisions and hold their advisors to account. Globalance's own track-record suggests that our selection of sustainable investments is improved by the integral consideration of non-financial and financial issues. Our stock selection has outperformed the global market (MSCI World) in recent years.