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The warming potential of this portfolio is low


The Warming Potential of this portfolio is based on a methodology, developed by MSCI Carbon Delta, to test your portfolios’ alignment against a 2°C long-term climate stabilization scenario. It computes a temperature value that indicates which level of climate change the various asset’s current activities are aligned with. For the calculation, the figures of the individual investments are capital-weighted and added up.


Warming Potential


of this Portfolio has a 3.9 - 10°C Warming Potential.


of this Portfolio has a 2.0 - 3.9°C Warming Potential.


of this Portfolio has a 0 - 2.0°C Warming Potential.

The Warming Potential in Global Context

To put the Warming Potential in perspective, the chart below maps various Global Emissions Pathways to 2100. These have been prepared by Climate Action Tracker and present different scenarious ranging from current policy projections, to short-term country pledges (up to 2030), and long-term country pledges (up to 2050).

200020502100Gigatons of CO₂e-50050100150200
  • Historical Emissions
  • Optimistic Policies
  • Baseline
  • Current Policies
  • Pledges & Targets
  • 2°C consistent
  • 1.5°C consistent

Climate Impact of your Assets

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Warming Potential
% of portfolio

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