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Labor Market

The Globalance Footprint® shows you the impacts of these assets around the world - individually and at a glance. Our framework is simple and objective. Using nine themes, we assess your contribution to sustainable foundations for economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources.


Labor Market


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What's at stake

Properly functioning, flexible labour markets as well as the enforcement of modern-day human-rights and labour laws contribute to the competitiveness of markets – a key prerequisite for economic prosperity. Preserving and creating jobs at fair conditions is one of the greatest political challenges of our time. The vision here is to ensure equal treatment of religions, genders and generations. Upholding minimum standards for on-the-job safety, health, co-determination and equal opportunity is a must for employers.

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Asset Name
Labor Market
Total Footprint
% of portfolio
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.10079630.1%
Texas Instruments Incorporated10097790.4%
Lam Research Corporation10096600.2%
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation10091620.1%
Baxter International Inc.10055580.1%

Why does it matter

Global Challenges

  • The departure or lack of qualified employees

  • A dearth of new perspectives for the future

  • Growing social inequality

  • Unemployment and disrupted social accord

  • Low productivity and high economic costs

  • The violation of human-rights and labour laws

  • Exploitation and modern-day slavery

  • Labour conflicts (strikes)

  • Accidents and illnesses

Global Goals

  • The labour market viability of employees through training and continuing education

  • The qualifications and know-how of workers

  • Equal opportunity for women

  • Compliance with human-rights and labour laws

  • The enforcement of fair working conditions

  • Social accord between employers and employees

  • Job security, health

Relevance for Investors

Job creation and living wages are fundamental drivers of economic development. Companies’ impacts can be positive or negative, depending on business practices. Beyond generating profits and shareholder value, successful companies also develop human capital. Internal training programs and employee freedom to develop new ideas contribute to a firm‘s ability to persist in an environment of constant competition. Motivated people are more productive and create more value. But education and internship programs aren‘t all that matters. Companies who actively fight poor labour conditions and pay fair living wages are less likely to face reputational damages and legal issues. Apart from moral considerations there is therefore also an economic rationale to consider such factors as an investor.

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