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The Health & Age score of this Portfolio is 16%

Health & Age

The Globalance Megatrend-Share shows you the average share of revenues of the portfolio that is achieved in one or more megatrends. For the calculation, the Megatrend-Shares of the individual investments are capital-weighted and added up.


Health & Age Exposure


Health & Age is the 3rd most represented megatrend in this portofolio

107 (of 504)

of the holdings are invested in this megatrend

What 's at stake

Health is the synonym for a good life. As a central goal in life, this megatrend has deeply ingrained itself in the consciousness, culture and self-image of societies and is shaping all areas of life. In developing countries, access to affordable basic care and survival (life expectancy, child mortality) are central. In OECD countries, health and happiness can hardly be separated. With independently acquired knowledge, people face the health system on an equal footing and place new expectations on companies and infrastructures: Health-conscious people want to move in health-promoting environments and demand this as the new normal state of affairs.

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Asset Name
Health & Age Exposure
Global Megatrends Exposure
% of portfolio
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.100%100%0%
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.100%100%0%
Waters Corporation100%100%0%
Viatris, Inc.100%100%0%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.100%100%0%

Why does it matter


  • Technological progress is likely to revolutionize medicine in the coming decades: Big data, artificial intelligence, genomics and new methods of genetic editing promise the treatment of previously chronic diseases and personalized medicine. It is also evident that self-optimization (human performance enhancement) is becoming a guiding paradigm.

  • Protecting health instead of healing (prevention, sensor technology).

  • Early detection quickly becomes more reliable and allows insights into the body down to the microscopic level (imaging and biomarkers) and the measurement of structures and functions (tumors, cardiovascular, neurology).

  • Therapies are becoming increasingly precise thanks to personalized medicine (genetics, proteomics).

  • The effectiveness of drugs can be simulated / measured by software.

  • Computers are good electronic assistants: they help with the evaluation of examinations, intelligent searches in databases, continuous networking and robotic surgery.

  • The direct connection to nerves brings further progress: Blind people can see in the eye thanks to microchips, injured people can walk again thanks to electronic prostheses ("cyborg").


  • Ageing brings with it sharply increasing burdens on the health care systems of the affected regions.

  • According to recent research, 1.9 billion people worldwide are now overweight or obese.

  • The global COVID-19-pandemic has made the risks of global interdependencies and vulnerability of our entire economic and social system painfully obvious.

  • In general, healthcare expenditures are rising sharply worldwide. This is problematic wherever costs account for an ever larger share of the state or private budget.

Relevance for Investors

Companies that can bring innovative treatments to market at lower cost are best positioned. The UN Development Goals (SDGs) stand for new business models in developing countries: Access to Medicine depends on differentiated prices. This is where the pharmaceutical industry is particularly challenged. Sub-sectors with opportunities also include vitamins and dietary supplements and healthy food.

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