Globalance Footprint


The Globalance Footprint of this Portfolio is positive

Globalance Footprint

The Globalance Footprint® shows you the impacts of these assets around the world - individually and at a glance. Our framework is simple and objective. Using nine themes, we assess your contribution to sustainable foundations for economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources.


Globalance Footprint


of the invested capital features an adverse footprint.


of the invested capital features a balanced footprint.


of the invested capital features a positive footprint.

Footprint by Themes

The overall assessment is made up of the following theme-assessments:

Score per Theme (0-100)
Criteria Score
Generated Shape based on Scores
  1. 63Economy
    1. Markets & Infrastructure67
    2. Labor Market63
    3. Tax Strategy68
  2. 50Society
    1. Nutrition68
    2. Health43
    3. Education & Knowledge
  3. 72Environment
    1. Biodiversity & Land61
    2. Resources & Climate73
    3. Water56

* Greyed-out criteria indicate unassessed criteria

Footprint Scores of your Assets


Portfolio Footprint Score


Data source: Globalance

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Asset Name
Total Footprint
% of portfolio
Alcon AG9083901003.1%
Zurich Insurance Group Ltd86781006.0%
Swiss Re AG8094542.7%
Lonza Group AG8094701002.3%
Sonova Holding AG8084731001.0%

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