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The Globalance Footprint® shows you the impacts of these assets around the world - individually and at a glance. Our framework is simple and objective. Using nine themes, we assess your contribution to sustainable foundations for economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources.




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What's at stake

Sufficient, healthy and affordable nutrition is a fundamental element for the sustainability of a society. Across the globe, the entire value chain for food production has become the centre of interest: it encompasses farming practices, production and market conditions for agricultural products, trade, etc. In OECD member states, the greatest challenges lie in the transparency and verifiability of origin as well as the consequences of over-nourishment. In stark contrast to this, the priority for developing and emerging nations is to combat hunger or, as it were, ensure the supply of affordable food.

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Nestle S.A.68595017.9%

Why does it matter

Global Challenges

  • Undernutrition and hunger

  • Declining agricultural productivity

  • Scarcity of agricultural raw materials

  • Harmful use of fertilisers and pesticides

  • Lack of transparency in the commodity markets coupled with speculative price fluctuations

  • Consumption of too much sugar, salt and fat

  • Diseases as a result of overweight (e.g. diabetes)

Global Goals

  • Food safety

  • Sustainable agricultural production

  • Protection of natural resources

  • Supply to developing and emerging nations

  • Properly functioning markets for all players in the value chain (incl. small-holder farmers)

  • Foodstuffs with fewer additives

  • Health of the populace

Relevance for Investors

Global hunger has been showing a decreasing trend over the last two decades. Nevertheless, food manufacturers still have a lot of potential to contribute to further improvements on all aspects of nutrition. Food manufacturers strongly influence the composition of commercial food products. Many of these products are rich in energy (calories) but poor in micronutrients. Health costs associated with unhealthy nutrition and food habits are extremely high in many industrialized nations. Creating a portfolio of healthy food products will pay off for manufacturers in a global trend to healthy living. Companies acting today will furthermore be much more resilient to future government legislation aimed at the solution of national health problems. The result is a long term competitive advantage that will impact a firm’s operational performance as well as its stock price.

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